When in crisis or challenging times, like in life reach out and communicate. More the better!

It is by now common knowledge that companies are all about people. And customers and employees interact with people and not companies. It is also now proven beyond doubt that brands are like living beings and they are what they are because of the emotional connect they strike with it’s ardent and loyal customers.


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You are a PR firm

This is one of the articles which have their roots in personal anguish. Over the past 18 months during which, the firm I run has started moving away from traditional, plain vanilla media relations into being a customized communication solutions firm there is one phrase that I hear (and now live in constant mortal fear of hearing again and again) from clients –“You are a PR firm and a PR firm is not supposed to be a specialist beyond media relations.”

Few days back had a potential client who is a start-up spend a lot of time in our office. Our creative head who is a two decade veteran in advertising and I took him through our portfolio and explained to him the process we adopt. He could also see that we had a full fledged team with graphic and interactive capabilities inside. So, we thought it is all sealed and done. Day after we got a call. The board of the company was of the opinion that PR firms are not good at design or anything to do with it and they asked the mandate be split into PR and brand identity development. We of course would get the “PR” part.

1 comment April 27, 2009

It is time retailers and regional FMCG brands looked beyond TV spots!

Since the topic touches and will touch raw chords and nerves let me at the outset categorically state that the views are those of a seasoned communicator looking at the current scenario dispassionately.

Being a not so regular TV watcher and my mother tongue being Tamil end up watching commercial TV in Tamil mostly in the evening prime time slot. Over the past few years have consistently noticed that big retailers (guess there are tens of them out of Chennai and elsewhere) and most regional FMCG brands almost entirely depend on TV commercials for their sales or marketing or communication with customers. It also dawned on me that festive season after festive season, collection after collection, product after product, this formula remained largely untouched. (more…)

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Social media needs to move from promise, talk to rigor and action soon

Social media is the in thing nowadays. There is not a single day that passes without a story on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or the stars of the social media space making it to the airwaves or the ink. The success of Obama and our very own Pink Chaddi campaign is fresh in our memories and already spoken to death in social media conferences and seminars. On the other side, every other day, witness a new venture or foray into the space. If one adds up all the hype, then social media should have already arrived from a brand communication and marketing perspective. Well, not really. Here is my take on what it will take to get social media which I agree is hot and presents profound new ways of touch, communication and engagement, can get there.

1 comment March 10, 2009

Is your brand just trying to ride the festive wave?

It is the time of Onam in Kerala when it starts wearing a festive look and wallets open for practically endless shopping. It is also the time brand managers of every possible consumer name start working overtime to get their brand and its promise persuasively to catch the shopper’s eye. Predominantly what most brand managers/brands end up focusing on is racking their grey cells to figure the most attractive or creative way of riding this festive wave. Very few take the trouble of not taking the not so beaten path of being able to immerse your brand into the festive scape. Allow me to explain.


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Do you know your DNA?

In my limited experience of being a branding and image consultant for a lot of IT, IT services and IT-enabled services companies, there was one constant challenge. With the exception of a few, the business model/content of communication of majority of companies in this space is absolutely indistinguishable. However, there was always a lingering question, which begged an answer and, answer to which I thought would be the basis of differentiation for a whole lot of players in these sectors.


Add comment October 15, 2008

Winning in the marketplace – few tips -2

In the last article we spoke about broad outline of how to differentiate between employees and co-owners and some broad outline of what can be done to motivate and retain them. In this article we will focus on some specific activities that can be done to develop a strong glue between the firm and the co-owners.


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Winning in the marketplace – few tips 1

One of the continuing questions posed by any entrepreneur running a growing organization is what would really make them successful in the long run and what they need to do right now and in the near future to lay the foundation for the growth to come. The question is important since its answer as perceived by the entrepreneur often leads to the strategy he or she will adopt in the marketplace and which inturn decides or causes the success or failure of the venture. (more…)

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The big shift towards non-linearity in communication presents a lifetime opportunity for the Indian PR industry

Listening to the various presentations made at the recent ICCO Global Summit and also while perusing recent media reports about separate tracking service for blogs launched by a global leader in PR, one key insight stuck me. The process of communication the way the PR industry has looked at for the past many decades is undergoing and will undergo a rapid shift in the days, months and years to come. (more…)

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The way to healthy business is to turn down some of your customers

Thought the headline was an editing mistake that someone allowed to slip through. Not really. As the economy grows and demand rises across sectors, there is inevitable growth that every organization irrespective of its size witnesses. With growth come new customers of all kinds, hues, sizes, expectations, requirements, work processes and quirks. The easiest thing and the most logical thing in this situation for any SME firm which is hungry for business and ambitious about its business to do is to accept all the customers with open hands. (more…)

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“Bottom of the pyramid” is a misonomer

Well, if the headline made you think and assume the tone of the article to be otherwise, it has served its purpose. Coming to the focus of the article, would like to put forth my views on why “Bottom of the pyramid” should be top on the priority list not just for businesses of all hues and sizes irrespective of where they are based and operate.


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Marketing of the yore is truly dead

It is something that traditional marketers may not like to hear. The way marketing currently works and is delivered will have to take a U turn to be even relevant. All that and more insights emerged in a PRHUB interaction with Arun Sinha, winner of AMA Marketer of the Year in 2005 and currently the Head of Global Marketing at Pitney Bowes Inc., USA, a Fortune 500 firm. (more…)

Add comment May 19, 2008

Looking for a proven way to build a credible brand? The answer lies within

Over the past few years the Indian economy has seen a visible and substantial shift towards the services sector with its growth outstripping the manufacturing sector by leaps and bounds. In any services business irrespective of its nature and its target audience, the critical factor to success lies in the commitment and quality of people inside. The reason why most services companies today are looking to build a strong corporate brand. It is the same reason that explains the growing finesse and level of corporate messaging in recruitment advertising. Unlike building a brand from a consumer perspective building a brand which includes talent attraction and retention as a key objective needs to have a lot more emphasis on credibility of the brand-building process and the vehicles used. In the ensuing few paragraphs will briefly attempt to provide an answer for the same. (more…)

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Integrated communications is the way to go – agreed; But hang on, the similarity just ends there

As an industry insider and like most professionals am happy with the prominence accorded to integrated communications as a concept and it being touted as the next big thing. However, of late that happiness is giving way to wariness of the lopsided manner in which many in the industry are projecting or communicating it to be. Before I try to focus on what truly is 360’ etc. let me get one thing straight: (more…)

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Entrepreneurship as a career option comes into its own

While the financial success and leadership position of Narayana Murthy and many others of his ilk from the technology industry is widely talked about there is one more far-reaching impact they have had which is not that equally hyped. Pre-their success, entreprenuership in the business context was primarily a family bastion and the reserve of springs and offsprings of existing businessmen and traders. The professionals and professional managers were conditioned to believe that their wont is to do a job and do it well and being the ultimate master of their own destiny is not an option at all. (more…)

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All entrepreneurship is truly global in some sense

Running a beach resort in the Caribbean – is your entrepreneurship local or global? Well, my premise and strong conviction is that at some level and in some sense all entrepreneurship however local is truly global. Sounds surprising, here is why I believe so strongly: (more…)

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